Navigating Winter Wellness: A Holistic Approach to Health and Immunity

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When winter rolls in, so does the common cold and seasonal flu. This year, equip yourself with the right knowledge, tools and practices to stay stronger than ever during the chilly months.

This course is your ultimate guide to maintaining optimum health this season. Curated by Nikolai Manek, Dr. Vivek Singh, Dr. Sheetal Rajput, Deepak Kumar and Dr. Supriya Kurane, this course offers valuable lifestyle wisdom for thriving this winter.

In this 10-hour power course, you will learn critical health aspects ranging from understanding common cold and flu, the importance of healthy food over supplements, effective sleeping habits, and an introduction to beneficial yoga asanas.

You will delve deep into understanding dosha, exploring individually suited healing teas and soups, and mastering the art of Pranayama and mindfulness for improved mental peace and strength.

Make healing and resilience a part of your winter regimen. Learn how to prepare fortifying teas and power soups, and know the best yoga practices and relaxation methods custom-made for your dosha type. Whether you are thinking of embarking on a health journey or want to add more skills to your wellness toolkit, this comprehensive course is the perfect accessory to your winter wellness wardrobe.

The knowledge you gain will not only benefit you but will also allow you to lend a helping hand to your loved ones and your clients during these cold months.

This winter, choose health, choose strength! Enroll in our “Winter Wellness: A Comprehensive Guide to Holistic Health and Immunity” course today and kickstart your journey towards a stronger, happier, and healthier you.


This course will be a workshop that will be held at multiple times on the 4th and 5th of November. We will provide recordings of the workshop as well as add multiple meditation, prakruti training and pranayama events at different times throughout November and December. Let’s make this winter a healthy one for our families and clients.

We will also offer some “cook alongs” during the next weeks to learn how to make the soups from scratch. Times will be announced soon. Recordings will be made available.


Learn how to use our Prakruti questionaire to find your dosha (or that of your clients)
Learn how to make healing teas, what to look for when buying the ingredients and which tea is good for specific doshas
Learn how to make healing soups, what to look for when buying the ingredients and which soup is good for specific doshas
Breathing for inner heat. How to make yourself feel warm from the inside
Medical background of cold/flu
Mindfulness practices for anxiety
and much more..


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