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Shared Hosting

Everything you need to host and manage a website

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User-friendly cPanel

Every mywebhosting shared hosting plan comes with an inbuild control panel which give you to easily create and manage your website. Upload website codes and manage all FTP functions through the panel.

Check cPanel

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Easy 1-click-installer

We are providing softaculous completely free. You can install it as many times as you wish, at no additional cost. Mywebhosting provides you with your desired hosting plans with free Softaculous installation.

Support & Monitoring 24/7/365

Experienced team of mywebhosting makes sure all your servers are monitored, secured and backed up every day. Mywebhosting is always available round-the-clock to protect it from downtimes.

monitoring 24/7/365

Why Choose Mywebhosting Hosting?

Amazing Support

We will provide you 24x7 support for getting your website live.

Email Service

With a domain-based email address, you can easily manage your business

Website Security

We manage the security of your sites at server and application level.

Hosting Technical Specifications

The Perfect Environment For Your Business.

Server Features
Apache 2.X
MariaDB 10.X.X Javascript
PHP 5.2-5.6, 7.0-7.3
Node.JS 6, 8, 9 Python 2.7, 3.3-3.7 eAccelerator
Ruby 1.8-2.5 PerlxCache

Frequently Asked Questions Hosting

What is Shared Hosting?
  • With Shared Hosting, a single server hosts multiple websites, which means you share the server resources with other websites

How can i build my website?
  • You can build your website in numerous ways, ranging from Softaculous one-click installations to uploading custom code written in HTML/CSS, PHP, Python, Ruby, etc.

Can I transfer my existing website to Mywebhosting?
  • The migration process from another hosting provider to Mywebhosting is completely free of charge and we guarantee fast cPanel-to-cPanel transfers.

Will Shared Hosting work with my Wordpress website?
  • Yes! With our Softaculous one-click installer you’ll get your WordPress website up and running in no time.